Residential Planned Maintenance

Keep your Garage Door Running

Planned Maintenance

A planned maintenance package from The Overhead Door Company® allows you to focus on what matters! EVERYTHING ELSE. Most homeowners take their garage doors for granted until they stop working! Planned maintenance from The Overhead Door Company® will ensure that your door never breaks with regular inspections and upkeep! A broken garage door can cause increased energy costs, massive inconvenience, and, worst of all, leave you and your family vulnerable.


• A detailed inspection of every part
• Complete record-keeping so our technicians know what needs extra attention at our next visit
• Transparent inspection! Our technicians will walk you through what was adjusted, and what needs to be modified or replaced
• A complete inspection of your garage door opener
• Keypad battery check and replacement
• Lubrication of every moving part
• Spring Adjustments

100 years of service

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Our company has been a pioneer in the garage door and garage door opener industry since 1921, and has grown to include more than 450 independent distributors nationwide.

Our continued success is due to our exceptional employees. Our staff is highly trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in garage door repair and garage door replacement. Over the years we have installed hundreds of residential and commercial garage doors and openers. Contact us for all of your garage door sales, service, and installation needs.